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Qingdao 4
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Sydney 4
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Bolzano 3
Brembate 3
Canberra 3
Centro 3
Chisinau 3
Costa Mesa 3
Dalian 3
Gradisca 3
Hanover 3
Totale 13282
Nome #
Effetti del trattamento combinato tossina botulinica e tutore nel piede equino-varo-supinato conseguente ad Ictus. Studio caso - controllo. 250
Trattamento del clono del tricipite surale in pazienti affettida sclerosi multipla mediante tossina botulinica: studio clinico e strumentale con videopolielettromiografia dinamica. 155
Potenziali evocati visivi precoci. 129
Reduced-intensity modified constraint-induced movement therapy versus conventional therapy for upper extremity rehabilitation after stroke: a multicenter trial. 127
Hypokalemic periodic paralysis: a single fiber electromyographic study 109
Il granuloma polmonare lipoideo nel morbo di Parkinson [Lipoid pulmonary granuloma in Parkinson's disease. Presentation of clinical case] 104
Epilessia a punte onda occipitali 101
Polimiosite infantile: descrizione di un caso [Infantile polymyositis: a case description] 99
[(123)I]FP-CIT SPET imaging in drug-induced Parkinsonism. 99
Subclinical rhythmic electrographic discharges of adults and transient global amnesia: a causal or casual association? 95
Defective temporal processing of sensory stimuli in DYT1 mutation carriers: a new endophenotype of dystonia? 95
Vincristine-related neuropathy versus acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 87
Prosopagnosia. Report of four cases 84
Paroxysmal dysarthria-ataxia in remitting-relapsing Bickerstaff's-like encephalitis. 84
Is it really right? When lateralization is misleading: two cases of unusual lateralization of physiological EEG patterns. 83
Hemi- and monoataxia in cerebellar hemispheres and peduncles stroke lesions: topographical correlations. 82
Friedreich's ataxia. A light- and electron microscopic study of peripheral nerve biopsies 81
Effect of botulinum toxin in treatment of hemiplegic upper limb pain: study in 18 patients with upper limb spasticity. 81
Focal nonconvulsive seizures during detoxification for benzodiazepine abuse. 81
Intravenous immunoglobulin for post-polio syndrome: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study 80
Miopatia distale sporadica: descrizione di un caso in un soggetto femminile [Sporadic distal myopathy. Description of a case in a patient of the female sex] 79
A randomized controlled study on the effect of two different treatments (FREMS AND TENS) in myofascial pain syndrome. 79
Applicability of a new robotic walking aid in a patient with cerebral palsy. Case report 78
Early and delayed orthotic treatment in congenital metatarsus varus: effectiveness of two types of orthoses. 77
Atypical presentation of thalamic post-stroke pain. 77
Abnormal somatotopic arrangement of sensorimotor interactions in dystonic patients. 76
Cortical output modulation after rapid repetitive movements 76
Effect of voluntary repetitive long-lasting muscle contraction activity on the BOLD signal as assessed by optimal hemodynamic response function. 76
Head drop in progressive supranuclear palsy: An unusual association with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 76
Aspetti elettromiografici e istologici in corso di Malattia di Friedreich[Electromyographic and histological aspects during a course of Friedreich's disease] 75
Short term prognosis of stroke in a clinical series of 94 patients 75
f-MRI in epilepsy with spike and wave activity evoked by eye closure: different bold activation in a patient with idiopathic partial epilepsy with occipital spikes and a control group. 75
Continuous EEG–fMRI in patients with partial epilepsy and focal interictal slow-wave discharges on EEG. 75
Temporal discrimination of unimodal and cross-modal tactile and visual stimuli in primary dystonia 75
Multifactorial etiological aspects of epilepsy 74
Involvement of the peripheral nervous system in spino-cerebellar ataxia (neurophysiological and histopathological findings) 74
Moebius syndrome. Pathological study of a peripheral nerve: a case report 74
Stimulus-response properties of motor system in patients with cerebellar ataxia. 74
Impaired body movement representation in DYT1 mutation carriers 74
Are indexes of arm recovery related to daily life autonomy in patients with stroke? 74
Efficacia di una stimolazione elettrica funzionale nella correzione del "foot drop" e impatto sulle attività di vita quotidiana in pazienti con esiti di ictus cronico : studio pilota 74
Binocular interaction in normal vision studied by pattern-reversal visual evoked potentials (PR-VEPS) 73
Transient deafferentation in humans induces rapid modulation of primary sensory cortex not associated with subcortical changes: a somatosensory evoked potential study 72
Amplitude changes of tibial nerve cortical somatosensory evoked potentials when the ipsilateral or contralateral ear is used as reference 72
Abnormal sensorimotor integration is related to disease severity in Parkinson's disease: a TMS study 71
Assessment of autonomic functions in insulin-dependent diabetic children and adolescents 71
Tongue biting in epileptic seizures and psychogenic events: An evidence-based perspective. 71
Effect of balance training on postural instability in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease. 71
Neurophysiological and urodynamic examinations in the functional assessment of the spinal cord below the injury site 70
Myasthenia due to carnitine treatment 70
'Direct' and 'crossed' modulation of human motor cortex excitability following exercise 70
Active finger extension - A simple movement predicting recovery of arm function in patients with acute stroke 70
Steady-state activation in somatosensory cortex after changes in stimulus rate during median nerve stimulation. 70
A multimodal imaging approach to the evaluation of post-traumatic epilepsy. 70
Motor cortex excitability in cerebellar ataxia. Clinical-neurophysiological correlations 70
Abnormalities of somatotopy of sensorimotor interactions in patients with focal dystonia 70
Neuropatie familiari con tendenza alla paralisi da compressione. Correlazioni cliniche, neurofisiologiche ed istopatologiche 69
Task-dependent modulation of excitatory and inhibitory functions within the human primary motor cortex 69
Atypical phenotypes and clinical variability in a large Italian family with DYT1-primary torsion dystonia 69
Brain modifications after acute alcohol consumption analyzed by fMRI in resting state: First results and explanations 69
Fixation-off sensitivity. 69
The cerebellum and visual perceptual learning: Evidence from a motion extrapolation task. 69
Abnormal sensorimotor interactions in dystonia secondary to lesions in the somatosensory system 69
fMRI study: choice among linear basis set for HRF in acute stroke patients with activation in motor-sensory cortex during median nerve electrical stimulation. 69
BSER abnormalities in patients with spino-cerebellar degeneration 68
[Primary hyperlipemia and peripheral neuropathy. Neurophysiological study] 68
Studio neurofisiologico delle vie visive nel diabete insulino dipendente insorto in eta' pediatrica 68
Abnormal cutaneomotor integration in patients with cerebellar syndromes: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study 68
Effect of stimulus rate on the cortical posterior tibial nerve SEPs: a topographic study 68
Combined effects of botulinum toxin and casting treatments on lower limb spasticity after stroke 68
Changes in locomotory functioning afater gait trainer rehabilitation training in patients affected by cerebral palsy (PCI) 68
The role of inflammation and immune system in neuropathic pain: will inflammatory-immune network represent a new therapeutic target in this condition? 68
Rapid modulation of cortical proprioceptive activity induced by transient cutaneous deafferentation: neurophysiological evidence of short-term plasticity across different somatosensory modalities in humans 68
Abnormal processing of the nociceptive input in Parkinson's disease: A study with CO2 laser evoked potentials 67
Tactile temporal discrimination in patients with blepharospasm 67
IV Valproate in generalized convulsive status epilepticus: a systematic review. 67
Parkinson e parkinsonismi. 67
Abnormalities of motor cortex excitability in cerebellar ataxia. Cliniconeurophysiological correlations 67
Abnormalities of motor cortex excitability are related to clinical symptoms in patients with cerebellar ataxia 67
Cortical excitability in patients after loading doses of lamotrigine: a study with magnetic brain stimulation 66
Subcortical P30 potential following tibial nerve stimulation: detection and normative data 66
Transient inhibition of the human motor cortex by capsaicin-induced pain. A study with transcranial magnetic stimulation 66
Abnormal central integration of a dual somatosensory input in dystonia. Evidence for a sensory overflow 66
Subclinical sensory abnormalities in unaffected PINK1 heterozygotes. 66
TENS for the treatment of writer's cramp dystonia: a randomized, placebo-controlled study 66
Disentangling the role of corticobasal ganglia loops in top-down and bottom-up vsual attention: an investigation of attention deficits in Parkinson's disease. 66
[Electromyographic study of 2 cases of nystagmus-myoclonus of the velum palatinum] 65
Observations on the sensory nature of the intramuscular nerve action potential 65
Functional plasticity in the human primary somatosensory cortex following acute lesion of the anterior lateral spinal cord: neurophysiological evidence of short-term cross-modal plasticity. 65
The status of olfactory function and the striatal dopaminergic system in drug-induced parkinsonism. 65
Abnormalities of sensory processing and sensorimotor interactions in upper-limb dystonia after lesions in the somatosensory system 65
Does statin in the acute phase of ischemic stroke improve outcome after intravenous thrombolysis? A retrospective study. 65
Factors predicting functional and cognitive recovery following severe traumatic, anoxic, and cerebrovascular brain damage. 65
Megadolichobasilar anomaly causing brainstem syndrome. A case report 64
Immediate versus delayed electrical stimulation boosts botulinum toxin effect: a pilot study. 64
Continuous EEG-fMRI in patients with partial epilepsy and focal interictal slow-wave discharges on EEG. 64
Steady state activation in primary somatosensory cortex after changes in stimulus rate during median nerve stimulation. 64
Hemiparkinsonism-hemiatrophy syndrome: neuroradiological and neurophysiological findings 63
The effect of two different rehabilitation treatments in cervical dystonia: preliminary results in four patients 63
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