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Nome #
Discriminazione temporale ed integrazione cross-modale visuo-tattile in pazienti distonici 119
Defective temporal processing of sensory stimuli in DYT1 mutation carriers: a new endophenotype of dystonia? 99
Temporal discrimination in patients with dystonia and tremor and patients with essential tremor. 89
Motor system modulation for movement direction and rotation angle during motor imagery. 81
Enhancing non-noxious perception: behavioural and neurophysiological correlates of a placebo-like manipulation. 80
Temporal discrimination of unimodal and cross-modal tactile and visual stimuli in primary dystonia 80
Aristotle's illusion reveals interdigit functional somatosensory alterations in focal hand dystonia. 79
Changes in perception of treatment efficacy are associated to the magnitude of the nocebo effect and to personality traits 79
Modulation of inhibitory corticospinal circuits induced by a nocebo procedure in motor performance. 78
Impaired body movement representation in DYT1 mutation carriers 76
Timing of tactile and visuo-tactile stimuli is impaired in patients with cervical dystonia 75
Motor System selection for different task parameters during motor imagery and motor performance 75
The Moving Rubber Hand Illusion Reveals that Explicit Sense of Agency for Tapping Movements Is Preserved in Functional Movement Disorders 75
Atypical phenotypes and clinical variability in a large Italian family with DYT1-primary torsion dystonia 74
The placebo effect in the motor domain is differently modulated by the external and internal focus of attention 74
Temporal discrimination of cross-modal and unimodal stimuli in generalized dystonia 72
Subclinical sensory abnormalities in unaffected PINK1 heterozygotes. 72
Tactile temporal discrimination in patients with blepharospasm 71
Disentangling the role of corticobasal ganglia loops in top-down and bottom-up vsual attention: an investigation of attention deficits in Parkinson's disease. 71
Temporal processing of visuotactile and tactile stimuli in writer's cramp 70
Judging the position of the artificial hand induces a "visual" drift towards the real one during the rubber hand illusion 70
Motor resonance evoked by observation of subtle nonverbal behavior. 69
Motor system resonance for movement direction and amplitude during imagery and motor performance 69
Extragenetic factors and clinical penetrance of DYT1 dystonia: an exploratory study. 68
The interplay of exercise, placebo and nocebo effects on experimental pain 68
Viewing the body prepares the brain for touch: effects of TMS over somatosensory cortex 66
Defective temporal discrimination of passive movements in Parkinson's disease 66
Grip-dependent excitability of the motor system for intrinsic and extrinsic hand muscles during grasping imagination and grasping action 66
Grip-dependent excitability of the motor system for intrinsic and extrinsic hand muscles during grasping imagination and grasping action 65
Deficits of temporal discrimination in dystonia are independent from the spatial distance between the loci of tactile stimulation. 64
Grip-dependent cortico-spinal excitability during grasping imagination and execution. 63
Mental rotation of body parts and non-corporeal objects in patients with idiopathic cervical dystonia 62
After-training emotional interference may modulate sequence awareness in a serial reaction time task. 62
Temporal discrimination of two passive movements in writer's cramp. 61
The influence of hands posture on mental rotation of hands and feet 61
Abnormal tactile temporal discrimination in psychogenic dystonia. 61
Individual differences in the rubber hand illusion are related to sensory suggestibility 61
Genotype-phenotype interactions in primary dystonias revealed by differential changes in brain structure. 60
Corticospinal excitability during action observation in task-specific dystonia: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study. 60
Aristotle's Illusion in Parkinson's Disease: Evidence for Normal Interdigit Tactile Perception. 60
Effects of probiotics on cognitive reactivity, mood, and sleep quality 60
Motor system resonance for movement direction and amplitude during imagery and motor performance 59
Beyond variability: subjective timing and the neurophysiology of motor cognition 56
Age-related changes in the sense of body ownership: New insights from the rubber hand illusion 56
Cathodal cerebellar tDCS combined with visual feedback improves balance control 56
When visual knowledge can modulate the motor cortex 54
Placebo-induced changes in excitatory and inhibitory corticospinal circuits during motor performance. 54
Impaired temporal processing of tactile and proprioceptive stimuli in cerebellar degeneration. 54
The role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in the motor placebo effect 54
Physical therapists' perspectives on using contextual factors in clinical practice: Findings from an Italian national survey 53
Behavioral and neurophysiological investigation of the influence of verbal suggestion on tactile perception 52
Temporal discrimination of two passive movements in humans: a new psychophysical approach to assessing kinaesthesia 51
Expertise with pathological actions modulates a viewer's motor system. 51
When words hurt: verbal suggestion prevails over conditioning in inducing the motor nocebo effect 51
Metabarcoding analysis of gut microbiota of healthy individuals reveals impact of probiotic and maltodextrin consumption 51
Sensory functions in dystonia: Insights from behavioral studies 50
Sensory tricks in primary cervical dystonia depend on visuotactile temporal discrimination. 50
Chapter 12: Modulation of the motor system by placebo and nocebo effects 50
Positive verbal suggestion optimizes postural control 50
Modulation of beta oscillations in the subthalamic area during action observation in Parkinson's disease. 49
Sistema extrapiramidale: funzioni cognitive e comportamento. 48
Hypnosis-induced modulation of corticospinal excitability during motor imagery 47
Perception of phasic pain is modulated by smell and taste 47
Somatosensory temporal discrimination in patients with primary focal dystonia. 46
The role of the cerebellum in dynamic changes of the sense of body ownership: a study in patients with cerebellar degeneration. 45
Selective impairment of hand mental rotation in patients with focal hand dystonia. 43
Impairment of the rubber hand illusion in focal hand dystonia. 43
Hedonicity in functional motor disorders: a chemosensory study assessing taste 42
Sensory-motor integration in focal dystonia 40
Actual and illusory perception in Parkinson's disease and dystonia: a narrative review 40
Endophenotyping in idiopathic adult onset cervical dystonia 38
Functional neurological disorders as seen by a cohort of general practitioners in Northern Italy: evidence from an online survey 38
Functional connectivity networks in asymptomatic and symptomatic DYT1 carriers 37
Smell and taste dissociations in the modulation of tonic pain perception induced by a capsaicin cream application 36
Pain, smell, and taste in adults: a narrative review of multisensory perception and interaction 36
The rubber hand illusion in hypnosis provides new insights into the sense of body ownership 32
Movement perception of the tonic vibration reflex is abnormal in functional limb weakness 31
Bodily self-perception during voluntary actions: The causal contribution of premotor cortex and cerebellum 31
The effect of motor and cognitive placebos on the serial reaction time task 29
The somatosensory temporal discrimination threshold changes after a placebo procedure 28
Unpleasant olfactory and gustatory stimuli increase pain unpleasantness in patients with chronic oral burning pain: an exploratory study 28
Attentional avoidance of emotions in functional movement disorders 26
Opinion, knowledge, and clinical experience with functional neurological disorders among Italian neurologists: results from an online survey 26
Proprioceptive dysfunction in focal dystonia: from experimental evidence to rehabilitation strategies. 25
Proprioceptive drift is affected by the intermanual distance rather than the distance from the body's midline in the rubber hand illusion 24
What physiotherapists specialized in orthopedic manual therapy know about nocebo-related effects and contextual factors: findings from a national survey 24
The role of expectation and beliefs on the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation 23
Major Stress-Related Symptoms During the Lockdown: A Study by the Italian Society of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience 22
Attentional bias to emotions after prolonged endurance exercise is modulated by age 21
Motor dual task with eyes closed improves postural control in patients with functional motor disorders: A posturographic study 20
The placebo effect shortens movement time in goal-directed movements 9
Functional neurological disorder and placebo and nocebo effects: shared mechanisms 9
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