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Nome #
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Gli arti superiori, risorsa e benessere 59
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Changes in the electromechanical delay components during a fatiguing stimulation in human skeletal muscle: an EMG, MMG and force combined approach 54
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Peripheral fatigue limits endurance exercise via a sensory feedback-mediated reduction in spinal motoneuronal output. 53
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Positive effects of physical training in activity of daily living-dependent older adults. 49
“Progetto 4 Passi”: 6 mesi di cammino assistito dal caregiver modificano la performance cognitiva e le ADL nel malato di Alzheimer 49
Indispensably evil! The role of oxygen in nitric-oxide dependent endothelial function 49
Evidence that neuromuscular fatigue is not a dogma in patients with Parkinson's Disease 49
Neuromuscular and Muscle Metabolic Functions in MELAS Before and After Resistance Training: A Case Study 48
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Changes in plasma β-NGF and Its receptors expression on peripheral blood monocytes during Alzheimer's disease progression 48
Last Word on Point: Skeletal muscle mechanical efficiency does increase with age. 47
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Anthropometric prediction of DXA-measured percentage of fat mass in athletes with unilateral lower limb amputation 41
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Beyond the current knowledge on sarcopenia: new insight on neuromuscular factors 36
Limitations to exercise in female centenarians: evidence that muscular efficiency tempers the impact of failing lungs. 35
Skeletal muscle myopathy in heart failure: the role of ejection fraction 35
The impact of exercise training on fatigue in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis 35
Safety procedures for exercise testing in the scenario of COVID-19: a position statement of the Società Italiana Scienze Motorie e Sportive 35
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Point: Skeletal muscle mechanical efficiency does/does not increase with age. 34
Fall-risk factors in hospitalized elderly: the role of adapted physical activity 34
Group III/IV muscle afferents impair limb blood in patients with chronic heart failure 34
Respiratory muscle training positively affects vasomotor response in young healthy women 34
Exercise training improves vascular function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease 34
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