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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Growth and adrenal suppression due to moderate to high dose inhaled fluticasone 1-gen-2002 A., Chatzimichail; Pietrobelli, Angelo; Boner, Attilio
Growth and characterization of (ZnSe)0.1(SnSe)0.9 films for use in thin film solar cells 1-gen-2018 Razykov, T. M.; Bosio, A.; Ergashev, B.; Kouchkarov, K. M.; Mavlonov, A. A.; Romeo, A.; Artegiani, E.; Romeo, N.; Yuldoshov, R.
Growth and characterization of ZnxSn1−xSe films for use in thin film solar cells 1-gen-2019 Razykov, T. M.; Bosio, A.; Ergashev, B.; Kouchkarov, K. M.; Romeo, A.; Romeo, N.; Yuldoshov, R.; Baiev, M.; Makhmudov, M.; Bekmirzoyev, J.; Khurramov, R.; Fazylov, E.
Growth and differentiation signalling in myeloma cells. 1-gen-2003 Vinante, Fabrizio
Growth and fluorescence properties of Tm3+ doped YVO4 and Y2O3 single crystals 1-gen-1997 Ermeneux, F. S.; Goutadier, C.; Moncorge, R.; COHEN ADAD, M. T.; Bettinelli, Marco Giovanni; Cavalli, E.
Growth and Inequality in an Experimental AK Model 1-gen-2018 Ponzano, Ferruccio; Ricciuti, Roberto
Growth and microstructural analysis of nanosized Y2O3 doped with rare earths 1-gen-2000 Allieri, B.; Depero, L. E.; Marino, A.; S. A. N. G. A. L. E. T. T. I., L.; Caporaso, L.; Speghini, Adolfo; Bettinelli, Marco Giovanni
Growth and movement: the importance of those first steps 1-gen-2011 Fumagalli, Guido Francesco; Moghetti, Paolo; Maffeis, Claudio
Growth and nutrition: the role of body composition in pediatric age 1-gen-2015 Pietrobelli, Angelo; Tosi, C.
Growth and renal function 1-gen-1997 Antoniazzi, Franco; Mengarda, F.; Lauriola, Silvana; Serra, A.; Zamboni, Giorgio; Tatò, L.
[Growth anomaly of the tongue, its relation to jaw anomalies and its surgical treatment] 1-gen-1971 F., Gasparini; Gotte, Paolo; R., Saia
Growth curves in pediatrics. Pilot study in a city of south of Italy. 1-gen-2005 Fuiano, N; Tucci, A; Pietrobelli, Angelo
Growth deficiency in polytransfused beta-thalassaemia patients is not growth hormone dependent. 1-gen-1997 Cavallo, L.; Gurrado, R.; Gallo, F.; Zacchino, C.; DE MATTIA, D.; Tato', Luciano
Growth delay of human pancreatic cancer cells by methylase inhibitor 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine treatment is associated with activation of the interferon signalling pathway 1-gen-2005 Missiaglia, Edoardo; Donadelli, Massimo; Palmieri, Marta; CRNOGORAC JURCEVIC, T; Scarpa, Aldo; Lemoine, Nr
Growth differentiation factor-15 and the association between type 2 diabetes and liver fibrosis in NAFLD. 1-gen-2021 Bilson, J; Scorletti, E; Bindels, Lb; Afolabi, Pr; Targher, G; Calder, Pc; Sethi, Jk; Byrne, Cd.
[Growth factors and oncogenes in development and carcinogenesis. Role of the epidermal growth factor system] 1-gen-1994 A., Paci; G., Ciarimboli; Ferdeghini, Marco
Growth factors and the kidney in diabetes mellitus. 1-gen-1998 Gambaro, G; Baggio, B
Growth factors stimulate the activity of key glycolytic enzymes in isolated digestive gland cells from mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam.) through tyrosine kinase mediated signal transduction 1-gen-1999 Canesi, L.; Ciacci, C.; Betti, M.; Malatesta, Manuela; Gazzanelli, G.; Gallo, G.
Growth hormone and early treatment. 1-gen-2015 Antoniazzi, Franco; Cavarzere, Paolo; Gaudino, Rossella
Growth hormone bioactivity and levels of growth hormone, growth hormone-binding protein, insulinlike growth factor I, and insulinlike growth factor-binding proteins in premature and full-term newborns during the first month of life 1-gen-1997 G., Radetti; M., Bozzola; C., Paganini; R., Valentini; L., Gentili; K., Tettoni; Tato', Luciano
Mostrati risultati da 44.216 a 44.235 di 116.122
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