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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Intents Analysis of Android Apps for Confidentiality Leakage Detection 1-gen-2020 Salvia, Rocco; Cortesi, Agostino; Ferrara, Pietro; Spoto, Fausto
Learning through Technology 1-gen-2014 Giacominelli, Barbara; Pasini, Margherita; Hall, Rob
A "light" application of Blended Extreme Apprenticeship in teaching Programming to Students of Mathematics 1-gen-2016 Solitro, Ugo; Zorzi, Margherita; Pasini, Margherita; Brondino, Margherita
Model Based Analysis of Trunk Exoskeleton for Human Efforts Reduction 1-gen-2020 Panero, E.; Muscolo, G. G.; Pastorelli, S.; Gastaldi, L.
Nursing home manager role in managing aging workers: A qualitative research in nursing homes 1-gen-2019 Denise, M.; Carta, A.; Cadei, L.
On-line assessment of pride and shame: Relationships with cognitive dimensions in university students 1-gen-2015 Raccanello, Daniela; Brondino, Margherita; Pasini, Margherita
Pictorial representations of achievement emotions: Preliminary data with primary school children and adults 1-gen-2014 Raccanello, Daniela; Bianchetti, C.
Pneumo-tronic Perturbator for the Study of Human Postural Responses 1-gen-2020 Maffiodo, D; Franco, W; De Benedictis, C; Paterna, M; Muscolo, Gg; Roatta, S; Ferraresi, C; Dvir, Z
Profiles in Brain Type in Programming Performance for Non-vocational Courses 1-gen-2020 Solitro, Ugo; Brondino, Margherita; Bonafini, Roberto; Pasini, Margherita
The pursuit of happiness: A model of group formation 1-gen-2017 Scalco, Andrea; Ceschi, Andrea; Sartori, Riccardo
Usability of Virtual Environment for Emotional Well-Being 1-gen-2019 Menardo, Elisa; Scarpanti, Diego; Pasini, Margherita; Brondino, Margherita
The Use of Different Multiple Devices for an Ecological Assessment in Psychological Research: An Experience with a Daily Affect Assessment 1-gen-2016 Pasini, Margherita; Brondino, Margherita; Burro, Roberto; Raccanello, Daniela; Gallo, Sara
Mostrati risultati da 5 a 16 di 16
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