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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Carbon footprint of aerobic biological treatmentof winery wastewater 1-gen-2009 Rosso, D.; Bolzonella, David
Comparison of the biodegradability of the grey fraction of MSW of Barcelona in mesophilic and thermophilic conditions 1-gen-2003 Mace, S.; Bolzonella, David; MATA ALVAREZ, J.; Cecchi, Franco
Defining the biomethane potential (BMP) of solid organicwastes and energy crops: a proposed protocol for batchassays 1-gen-2009 Angelidaki, I.; Alves, M.; Bolzonella, David; Borzacconi, L.; Campos, J. L.; Guwy, A. J.; Kalyuzhnyi, S.; Jenicek, P.; van Lier, J. B.
Denitrification potential enhancement by the addition of fermented organic fraction of municipal solid waste. 1-gen-2001 Bolzonella, David; Innocenti, L.; Pavan, P.; Cecchi, Franco
Dry anaerobic digestion of differently sorted organic municipal solid waste: a full scale experience 1-gen-2006 Bolzonella, David; Pavan, P; Mace, S; Cecchi, Franco
Enrichment of activated sludge in a sequencing batch reactor for polyhydroxyalkanoate production 1-gen-2006 M., Majone; M., Beccari; Simona Di, Gregorio; D., Dionisi; Vallini, Giovanni
Exploring the potential of membrane bioreactors to enhance metals removal from wastewater: pilot experiences 1-gen-2008 Fatone, Francesco; Eusebi, A. L.; Pavan, P.; Battistoni, P.
Integration of wastewater and OFMSW treatment cycles: from the pilot scale experiment to the industrial realisation. The new full scale plant of Treviso (Italy). 1-gen-2000 Pavan, P.; Battistoni, P.; Bolzonella, David; Innocenti, L.; Traverso, P.; Cecchi, Franco
Management of macro-algae from Venice lagoon through anaerobic co-digestion and co-composting with MSW 1-gen-1993 Cecchi, Franco; Vallini, Giovanni; P., Pavan; A., Bassetti; J., Mata Alvarez
Measuring the efficiency of wastewater services through Data Envelopment Analysis 1-gen-2015 Guerrini, Andrea; Romano, G; Leardini, Chiara; Martini, M.
Method for technical, economic and environmental assessment of advanced sludge processing routes 1-gen-2014 Svanstrom, Magdalena; Bertanza, Giorgio; Bolzonella, David; Canato, Matteo; Collivignarelli, Carlo; Heimersson, Sara; Laera, Giuseppe; Mininni, Giuseppe; Peters, Greg; Tomei, Maria Concetta
Occurrence and fate of heavy metals in large wastewater treatment plants treating municipal and industrial wastewaters 1-gen-2008 Carletti, Giacomo; Fatone, Francesco; Bolzonella, David; Cecchi, Franco
Process constraints in source-collected vegetable waste composting 1-gen-1993 Vallini, Giovanni; A., Pera; Manuela M., Valdrighi; Cecchi, Franco
Process control automation and remote on-linesupervision: the strategy for wastewater treatmentin an Italian piedmont 1-gen-2008 E. M., Battistoni; Fatone, Francesco; P., Pavan; R., Beltritti; M., Raviola
Recovery and disposal of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW) by means of combined anaerobic and aerobic bio-treatments 1-gen-1993 Vallini, Giovanni; Cecchi, Franco; P., Pavan; A., Pera; J., Mata Alvarez; A., Bassetti
Switching small WWTPs from extended to intermittent aeration : process behaviour and performances 1-gen-2008 A. L., Eusebi; Carletti, Giacomo; E., Cola; Fatone, Francesco; P., Battistoni
The AF-BNR-SCP process as a way to reduce global sludge production: comparison with classical approaches on a full scale basis 1-gen-2002 Battistoni, P.; Pezzoli, S.; Bolzonella, David; Pavan, P.
Thermophilic two-phase anaerobic digestion of source-sorted organic fraction of municipal solid waste for bio-hythane production: effect of recirculation sludge on process stability and microbiology over a long-term pilot-scale experience 1-gen-2014 A., Giuliano; L., Zanetti; Micolucci, Federico; C., Cavinato
Treatment of mixed municipal and winery wastewaters in a conventional activated sludge process: a case study. 1-gen-2005 Brucculeri, M.; Bolzonella, David; Battistoni, P.; Cecchi, Franco
Treatment of waste activated sludge together with agro-waste by anaerobic digestion: Focus on effluent quality 1-gen-2014 C., Cavinato; C., Da Ros; P., Pavan; Cecchi, Franco; Bolzonella, David
Mostrati risultati da 11 a 30 di 34
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