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Influence of spatial stimulus-response compatibility on reaction time of ipsilateral and contralateral hand to lateralized light stimuli 1-gen-1977 Berlucchi, Giovanni; F., Crea; M., Di Stefano; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Iconic storage in the two hemispheres 1-gen-1979 Marzi, Carlo Alberto; DI STEFANO, M.; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Crea, F.
Interhemispheric transmission of information in manual and verbal reaction-time tasks 1-gen-1983 Tassinari, Giancarlo; M., Morelli; Berlucchi, Giovanni
Neurophysiologic and neuropsychological aspects of cutaneous perception 1-gen-1984 Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo
On inferring blindsight from normal vision 1-gen-1985 Lutzemberger, L.; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Hemispheric asymmetry in face perception tasks of different cognitive requirement 1-gen-1985 Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Tressoldi, P. E.; Barry, C.; Grabowska, A.
Interhemispheric influences on area 19 of the cat 1-gen-1985 Antonini, A.; Di Stefano, M.; Minciacchi, D.; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Spatial summation across the vertical meridian in hemianopics: a test of blindsight 1-gen-1986 Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo; S., Aglioti; L., Lutzemberger
Distribution in the visual field of the costs of voluntarily allocated attention and of the inhibitory after-effects of covert orienting. 1-gen-1987 Tassinari, G.; Aglioti, S.; Chelazzi, L.; Marzi, C. A.; Berlucchi, G.
Visual and somatosensory integration in the anterior ectosylvian cortex of the cat 1-gen-1987 Minciacchi, D.; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Antonini, A.
Electrophysiological evidence for interhemispheric connections in the anterior ectosylvian sulcus in the cat 1-gen-1987 Ptito, M.; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Antonini, A.
Blindsight: not an all-or-none phenomenon 1-gen-1988 Aglioti, S.; Corbetta, M.; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Hemiretinal differences in speed of light detection in esotropic amblyopes 1-gen-1988 Chelazzi, Leonardo; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Panozzo, G.; Pasqualini, N.; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Tomazzoli, Laura
Ipsilateral inhibition and contralateral facilitation of simple reaction time to non-foveal visual targets from non-informative visual cues 1-gen-1989 Tassinari, G.; Biscaldi, M.; Marzi, C. A.; Berlucchi, G.
Spatial distribution of the inhibitory effect of peripheral non-informative cues on simple reaction time to non-fixated visual targets 1-gen-1989 Berlucchi, Giovanni; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; M., Di Stefano
Spatial constraints on the distribution of selective attention in the visual field 1-gen-1989 Berlucchi, Giovanni; Aglioti, S.; Biscaldi, M.; Chelazzi, Leonardo; Corbetta, M.; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Visual persistence is impaired in patients with compression of the optic chiasma. 1-gen-1990 Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Cristofori, L.; Talacchi, Andrea; Marchini, Giorgio; Gentilin, M.
Effectiveness of different task paradigms in revealing blindsight 1-gen-1990 Corbetta, M.; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo; Aglioti, S.
Position of axons in the cat's optic tract in relation to their retinal origin and chiasmatic pathway 1-gen-1991 Reese, B. E.; Guillery, R. W.; Marzi, Carlo Alberto; Tassinari, Giancarlo
Hemispheric control of unilateral and bilateral responses to lateralized light stimuli after callosotomy and in callosal agenesis 1-gen-1993 Aglioti, S.; Berlucchi, G.; Pallini, R.; Rossi, G. F.; Tassinari, G.
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