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Vibro-tactile EMG-based biofeedback induces changes of muscle activity patterns in childhood dystonia 1-gen-2019 Bertucco, Matteo; Lunardini, Francesca; Nardon, Mauro; Casellato, Claudia; Pedrocchi, Alessandra; Sanger, Terence D.
Energetics of walking in individuals with cerebral palsy and typical development, across severity and age: a systematic review and meta-analysis 1-gen-2021 Nardon, Mauro; Ruzzante, Federico; O'Donnell, Leslie; Adami, Alessandra; Dayanidhi, Sudarshan; Bertucco, Matteo
Response to: Dealing with menstrual cycle in sport: stop finding excuses to exclude women from research 1-gen-2022 Nardon, M.; Venturelli, M.; Ruzzante, F.; Longo, V.; Bertucco, M.
Fasting-Mimicking-Diet does not reduce skeletal muscle function in healthy young adults: a randomized control trial 1-gen-2022 Nardon, Mauro; Venturelli, Massimo; Ruzzante, Federico; Longo, Valter D; Bertucco, Matteo
Synergies stabilizing vertical posture in spaces of control variables 1-gen-2022 Nardon, M.; Pascucci, F.; Cesari, P.; Bertucco, M; Latash, M. L.
Motor unit-based synergies in a non-compartmentalized muscle 1-gen-2023 Ricotta, Joseph M; Nardon, Mauro; De, Sayan D; Jiang, Jinrui; Graziani, William; Latash, Mark L
The effects of prolonged vibrotactile EMG-based biofeedback on ankle joint range of motion during gait in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a case series 1-gen-2023 Bertucco, Matteo; Nardon, Mauro; Mueske, Nicole; Sandhu, Sukhveer; Rethlefsen, Susan A; Wren, Tishya A L; Sanger, Terence D
Effects of fatigue on intra-muscle force-stabilizing synergies 1-gen-2023 Ricotta, Joseph M; Deep De, Sayan D; Nardon, Mauro; Benamati, Anna; Latash, Mark L
The mechanisms underpinning the slow component of V˙O2 in humans 1-gen-2023 Tam, Enrico; Nardon, Mauro; Bertucco, Matteo; Capelli, Carlo
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