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Long term clinical and echocardiographic results of isolated aortic valve replacement in elderly patients 1-gen-2001 De Feo, M; Renzulli, A; Vicchio, M; Onorati, F; Dialetto, G; De Santo, L S; Della Corte, A; Cotrufo, M
Is aortic valve replacement with bileaflet prostheses still contraindicated in the elderly? 1-gen-2002 De Feo, M; Renzulli, A; Vicchio, M; Della Corte, A; Onorati, F; Cotrufo, M.
Coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction: a prospective randomized study on the timing of perioperative intraaortic balloon pump support 1-gen-2002 Marra, Chiara; De Santo, L S; Amarelli, C; Della Corte, A; Onorati, F; Torella, M; Nappi, G; Cotrufo, M
Does priming implementation with low-dose albumin reduce postoperative bleeding following cardiopulmonary bypass? 1-gen-2003 Onorati, F; Santarpino, G; Renzulli, A; De Feo, M; De Santo, L S; Della Corte, A; Galdieri, N; Cotrufo, M
Initial clinical and hemodynamic experience with Edwards MIRA mechanical bileaflet valve 1-gen-2003 De Feo, M; Renzulli, A; Onorati, F; Della Corte, A; Dialetto, G; Covino, F E; Cotrufo, M
Surgical repair of acute type A aortic dissection: continuous pulmonary perfusion during retrograde cerebral perfusion prevents lung injury in a pilot study 1-gen-2003 De Santo, Luca Salvatore; Romano, Gianpaolo; Amarelli, Cristiano; Onorati, Francesco; Torella, Michele; Renzulli, Attilio; Galdieri, Nicola; Cotrufo, Maurizio
Pilot study on prevention of lung injury during surgery for type A acute aortic dissection: no evident improvements with celsior flushing through the pulmonary artery 1-gen-2003 De Santo, L S; Romano, Gianpaolo; Amarelli, C; Della Corte, A; Onorati, F; Torella, M; De Feo, M; Nappi, G A; Cotrufo, M
Does antegrade blood cardioplegia alone provide adequate myocardial protection in patients with left main stem disease? 1-gen-2003 Onorati, Francesco; Renzulli, Attilio; De Feo, Marisa; Santarpino, Giuseppe; Gregorio, Rosario; Biondi, Andrea; Cerasuolo, Flavio; Cotrufo, Maurizio
Mechanical valve prosthesis is a valid option for aortic valve replacement in the elderly 1-gen-2004 De Feo, Marisa; Onorati, Francesco; Renzulli, Attilio; Gregorio, Rosario; Vicchio, Mariano; Vitale, Nicola; Cotrufo, Maurizio
Mechanical heart valves: are two leaflets better than one? 1-gen-2004 Wu, Yingxing; Gregorio, Rosario; Renzulli, Attilio; Onorati, Francesco; De Feo, Marisa; Grunkemeier, Gary; Cotrufo, Maurizio
The risk of stroke following CABG: one possible strategy to reduce it? 1-gen-2005 De Feo, M; Renzulli, A; Onorati, F; Marmo, J; Galdieri, N; De Santo, L S; Della Corte, A; Cotrufo, M
Perioperative patency of coronary artery bypass grafting is not influenced by off-pump technique 1-gen-2005 Onorati, Francesco; Olivito, Silvio; Mastroroberto, Pasquale; di Virgilio, Antonio; Esposito, Antonio; Perrotti, Andrea; Renzulli, Attilio
Determinants and prognosis of myocardial damage after coronary artery bypass grafting 1-gen-2005 Onorati, F; De Feo, M; Mastroroberto, P; Cristodoro, L; Pezzo, F; Renzulli, A; Cotrufo, M
Unstable angina and non-ST segment elevation: surgical revascularization with different strategies 1-gen-2005 Onorati, F; De Feo, M; Mastroroberto, P; di Virgilio, A; Esposito, A; Polistena, M; Renzulli, A; Cotrufo, M
Should we discontinue intraaortic balloon during cardioplegic arrest? Splanchnic function results of a prospective randomized trial 1-gen-2005 Onorati, Francesco; Cristodoro, Lucia; Mastroroberto, Pasquale; di Virgilio, Antonio; Esposito, Antonio; Bilotta, Massimo; Renzulli, Attilio
Intraaortic balloon pumping during cardioplegic arrest preserves lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 1-gen-2006 Onorati, Francesco; Cristodoro, Lucia; Bilotta, Massimo; Impiombato, Barbara; Pezzo, Francesco; Mastroroberto, Pasquale; di Virgilio, Antonio; Renzulli, Attilio
Transbrachial insertion of a 7.5-Fr intra-aortic balloon pump in a severely atherosclerotic patient 1-gen-2006 Onorati, Francesco; Bilotta, Massimo; Pezzo, Francesco; Impiombato, Barbara; Caroleo, Santo; Santangelo, Ermenegildo; Renzulli, Attilio
Hospital outcome analysis after different techniques of left internal mammary grafts harvesting 1-gen-2007 Onorati, Francesco; Esposito, Antonio; Pezzo, Francesco; di Virgilio, Antonio; Mastroroberto, Pasquale; Renzulli, Attilio
Hypertension induces compensatory arterial remodeling following arteriotomy 1-gen-2007 Onorati, Francesco; Forte, Amalia; Mastroroberto, Pasquale; Santè, Pasquale; Esposito, Salvatore; Pezzo, Francesco; Agozzino, Lucio; Cipollaro, Marilena; Cascino, Antonino; Renzulli, Attilio
Transbrachial intraaortic balloon pumping in severe peripheral atherosclerosis 1-gen-2007 Onorati, Francesco; Impiombato, Barbara; Ferraro, Alessandro; Comi, Maria Caterina; Spaccarotella, Carmen; Indolfi, Ciro; Renzulli, Attilio
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