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Assimilable nitrogen utilisation and production of volatile and non-volatile compounds in chemically defined medium by Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine yeasts 1-gen-2007 Vilanova, M.; Ugliano, M.; Varela, C.; Siebert, T.; Pretorius, I.; Henschke, P.
Free and hydrolytically released volatile compounds of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Fiano grapes as odour-active constituents of Fiano wine 1-gen-2008 Ugliano, Maurizio; Moio, L.
Comparison of three methods for accurate quantification of hydrogen sulfide during fermentation 1-gen-2010 Ugliano, Maurizio; Henschke,
Occurrence of hydrogen sulfide in wine and in fermentation: Influence of yeast strain and supplementation of yeast available nitrogen 1-gen-2011 Ugliano, Maurizio; Kolouchova, Radka; Henschke, Paul
Evolution of 3-mercaptohexanol, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl mercaptan during bottle storage of Sauvignon blanc wines. Effect of glutathione, copper, oxygen exposure, and closure-derived oxygen 1-gen-2011 Ugliano, Maurizio; Kwiatkowski, Mariola; Vidal, Stephane; Capone, Dimitra; Siebert, Tracey; Dieval, Jean baptiste; Aagaard, Olav; Waters, Elizabeth
Formation of damascenone under both commercial and model fermentation conditions 1-gen-2011 Lloyd, N. D. R. a. b. c; Capone, ; Ugliano, Maurizio; Taylor, M. c. and; Skouroumounis, D. K. a. and; Sefton, G. K. a. and; Elsey, M. A. a. and
Comparison of inorganic and organic nitrogen supplementation of grape juice - Effect on volatile composition and aroma profile of a Chardonnay wine fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast 1-gen-2011 Diego, Torrea; Cristian, Varela; Ugliano, Maurizio; Carmen, Ancin Azpilicueta; Leigh Francis, I.; Paul, A. Henschke
Impact of headspace oxygen and closure on sulfur dioxide, color, and hydrogen sulfide levels in a Riesling wine 1-gen-2011 Dimkou, E. a; Ugliano, Maurizio; Dieval, M. b. and; Vidal, J. B. b. and; Aagaard, S. b. and; Rauhut, O. b. and; Jung, D. c. and
Contribution of cysteine and glutathione conjugates to the formation of the volatile thiols 3-mercaptohexan-1-ol (3MH) and 3-mercaptohexyl acetate (3MHA) during fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1-gen-2011 Winter, Gal; Van Der Westhuizen, Tertius; Higgins, Vincent; Curtin, Christopher; Ugliano, Maurizio
Effects of rehydration nutrients on H2S metabolism and formation of volatile sulfur compounds by the wine yeast VL3 1-gen-2011 Winter, G. a. b; Henschke, ; Higgins, P. A. b. and; C, ; Ugliano, Maurizio; Curtin, M. b. d. and
Analysis and formation of key sulfur aroma compounds in wine 1-gen-2011 Herderich, M. J.; Francis, I. L.; Ugliano, Maurizio; Siebert, T. E.; Jeffery, D. W.
Oxygen consumption and development of volatile sulfur compounds during bottle aging of two Shiraz wines. influence of pre- and postbottling controlled oxygen exposure 1-gen-2012 Ugliano, Maurizio; Dieval, ; Siebert, J. B. a. and; Kwiatkowski, T. E. b. and; Aagaard, M. b. c. and; Vidal, O. a. and; Waters, S. a. and
Fermentation and post-fermentation factors affecting odor-active sulfur compounds during wine bottle storage 1-gen-2012 Ugliano, Maurizio; Henschke, ; Waters, P. A. b. and
Reactivity of 3-sulfanyl-1-hexanol and catechol-containing phenolics in vitro 1-gen-2012 Laurie, V. F.; Carrasco Sánchez, M. C; Santos, V.; Cañete, L. S.; Olea Azar, A.; Ugliano, Maurizio; Agosin, E.
Oxygen contribution to wine aroma evolution during bottle aging 1-gen-2013 Ugliano, Maurizio
Evolution of phenolic compounds and astringency during aging of red wine: Effect of oxygen exposure before and after bottling 1-gen-2013 Gambuti, Angelita; Rinaldi, Alessandra; Ugliano, Maurizio; Moio, Luigi
Impact of dissolved oxygen at bottling on sulfur dioxide and sensory properties of a riesling wine 1-gen-2013 Dimkou, E. a; Ugliano, Maurizio; Diéval, M. b. and; Vidal, J. B. b. and; Jung, S. b. and
Evaluation of oxygen exposure levels and polyphenolic content of red wines using an electronic panel formed by an electronic nose and an electronic tongue 1-gen-2014 Rodriguez Mendez, M. L.; Apetrei, ; Gay, C; Medina, Plaza; M., Saja; Vidal, J. A.; Aagaard, S.; Ugliano, Maurizio; Wirth, M.; Cheynier, J.
Influence of closure, phenolic levels and microoxygenation on Cabernet Sauvignon wine composition after 5 years' bottle storage 1-gen-2015 Han, G; Ugliano, Maurizio; Currie, B; Vidal, S; Diéval, Jb; Waterhouse, A. l.
Oxidation Signature of Grape Must and Wine by Linear Sweep Voltammetry Using Disposable Carbon Electrodes 1-gen-2015 Ugliano, Maurizio; Wirth, Jérémie; Bégrand, Stéphanie; Dieval, Jean-Baptiste; Vidal, Stéphane
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