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Redox thermodynamics of low-potential iron-sulfur proteins. 1-gen-2000 G., Battistuzzi; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; M., Borsari; M., Sola; A. L., Macedo; J. J., Moura; P., Rodrigues
Isolation and characterization of two peroxidases from Cucumis sativus. 1-gen-2001 G., Battistuzzi; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; L., Loschi; M., Sola
NMR studies of the soluble metal binding domains of the copper transport ATPase from B-subtilis 1-gen-2001 D'Onofrio, Mariapina; L., Banci; I., Bertini; S., Ciofi Baffoni; L., Gonnelli; F. C., Marhuenda Egea; F. J., Ruiz Duenas
Solution structure of the N-terminal domain of a potential copper-translocating P-type ATPase from Bacillus subtilis in the apo and Cu(I) loaded states. 1-gen-2002 L., Banci; I., Bertini; S., Ciofi Baffoni; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; L., Gonnelli; F. C., Marhuenda Egea; F. J., Ruiz Dueñas
Structure and dynamics of copper-free SOD: The protein before binding copper. 1-gen-2002 L., Banci; I., Bertini; F., Cantini; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; M. S., Viezzoli
Ubistatins inhibit proteasome-dependent degradation by binding the ubiquitin chain 1-gen-2004 R., Verma; N. R., Peters; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; G. P., Tochtrop; K. M., Sakamoto; R., Varadan; M. S., Zhang; P., Coffino; D., Fushman; R. J., Deshaies; R. W., King
Solution structure and backbone dynamics of the Cu(I) and apo forms of the second metal-binding domain of the Menkes protein ATP7A. 1-gen-2004 L., Banci; I., Bertini; R. D., Conte; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; A., Rosato
Mapping the interactions between Lys48 and Lys63-linked di-ubiquitins and a ubiquitin-interacting motif of S5a. 1-gen-2007 A., Haririnia; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; D., Fushman
Binding cooperativity and allosterism make liver fatty acid binding proteins ideal chaperones of lipids and lipid-functionalized drugs 1-gen-2009 Assfalg, Michael; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Pedo', Massimo; Zanzoni, Serena; Cogliati, Clelia; Guariento, Mara; Molinari, Henriette
NMR Studies Reveal the Role of Biomembranes in Modulating Ligand Binding and Release by Intracellular Bile Acid Binding Proteins. 1-gen-2009 Pedo', Massimo; Löhr, F.; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Assfalg, Michael; Dötsch, V.; Molinari, Henriette
NMR unfolding studies on a liver bile acid binding protein reveal a global two-state unfolding and localized singular behaviors. 1-gen-2009 D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Ragona, L; Fessas, D; Signorelli, M; Ugolini, Raffaella; Pedo', Massimo; Assfalg, Michael; Molinari, Henriette
Towards the elucidation of molecular determinants of cooperativity in the liver bile acid binding protein. 1-gen-2009 Pedo', Massimo; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Ferranti, P.; Molinari, Henriette; Assfalg, Michael
Site-Specific Investigation of the Steady-State Kinetics and Dynamics of the Multistep Binding of Bile Acid Molecules to a Lipid Carrier Protein 1-gen-2010 Cogliati, Clelia; Ragona, L; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Günther, U; Whittaker, S; Ludwig, C; Tomaselli, S; Assfalg, Michael; Molinari, Henriette
Structure analysis and site-directed mutagenesis of defined key residues and motives for pilus-related sortase C1 in group B Streptococcus 1-gen-2011 Cozzi, R; Malito, E; Nuccitelli, A; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Martinelli, M; Ferlenghi, I; Grandi, G; Telford, Jl; Maione, D; Rinaudo, Cd
Structural requirements for cooperativity in ileal bile acid-binding proteins. 1-gen-2011 Zanzoni, Serena; Assfalg, Michael; Giorgetti, Alejandro; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Molinari, Henriette
New insights into the role of the glutamic acid of the E-box motif in group B Streptococcus pilus 2a assembly. 1-gen-2012 Cozzi, R; Nuccitelli, A; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Necchi, F; Rosini, R; Zerbini, F; Biagini, M; Norais, N; Beier, C; Telford, Jl; Grandi, G; Assfalg, Michael; Zacharias, M; Maione, D; Rinaudo, C. D.
Recombinant proteins incorporating short non-native extensions may display increased aggregation propensity as detected by high resolution NMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2012 Zanzoni, Serena; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Molinari, Henriette; Assfalg, Michael
High Relaxivity Supramolecular Adducts Between Human-Liver Fatty Acid-Binding Protein and Amphiphilic GdIII Complexes: Structural Basis for the Design of Intracellular Targeting MRI Probes 1-gen-2012 D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Gianolio, E.; Ceccon, Alberto; Arena, F.; Zanzoni, Serena; Fushman, D.; Aime, S.; Molinari, Henriette; Assfalg, Michael
An exploratory (1) H-nuclear magnetic resonance metabolomics study reveals altered urine spectral profiles in infants with atopic dermatitis. 1-gen-2012 Assfalg, Michael; Bortoletti, Elena; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Pigozzi, Roberta; Molinari, Henriette; Boner, Attilio; Peroni, Dg; Piacentini, Giorgio
Ligand Binding Promiscuity of Human Liver Fatty Acid Binding Protein: Structural and Dynamic Insights from an Interaction Study with Glycocholate and Oleate 1-gen-2013 Favretto, Filippo; Assfalg, Michael; Mariana, Gallo; Daniel Oscar, Cicero; D'Onofrio, Mariapina; Molinari, Henriette
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